Tahiti Trip 2019. If you ever want to take a trip of a lifetime, go to Tahiti with Lois and Sarah! Every day was filled to the brim with fun, laughs, beauty and adventure. Sorry for the picture overload but Facebook is my journal and I had to document the trip to remind myself that it was real and it was amazing. Kaija  

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Lois before we left for Tahiti on a once-in-a-life trip with my whole family! It’s always scary to head to a new country where you’ve never been before, especially when you don’t speak the language. Thankfully, Lois put us in contact with some wonderful local families who became our very good friends by the end of our stay there! We were able to experience Tahiti from the perspective of those that live there! Our friends treated us like family. They took us spear fishing, cliff jumping, boogie boarding, to multiple rivers and beaches, up several mountains sightseeing, and even fed us a home-cooked authentic Tahitian dinner with raw red tuna and it was delicious!! Lois was also so wonderful answering our questions regarding what to bring, where to visit, what activities we could do with our two small children. We no doubt had an infinitely better trip because of Lois’s advice and knowledge! Thanks to her it was a trip that has given us memories to look back on fondly over a lifetime. Thank you so much Lois!! 

Samantha & Nathaniel 

It was a great trip and we both loved not having to worry about scheduling things to do.  Great group, great trip...we are so glad we came.  Thank you!! B.C. 

Lois provided a valuable service for us in making preparations for our French Polynesian adventure. She found us convenient local accommodations on each of the 8 remote islands we visited. Because of her life-long familiarity with Tahiti and her islands she was able to make connections that would have otherwise been impossible. Her personal knowledge of the islands; her many connections with family, friends, and businesses there; her facility with French, English, and Tahitian; and her warm and friendly personality give her the capacity to make your once-in-a-lifetime trip the great experience you always hoped it would be. She is much more than just a travel agent: she is your personal live connection with Tahiti. You or a travel agent can find you a hotel or resort. Lois will find you a temporary home(s), and new friends to make you feel at home while you’re away. If this is what you really want: a different and more personal Polynesian experience, then engage Lois. 

David & Jacqui 

Trip of a lifetime.

One word: GO!

Sarah and Lois are the best trip planners/hosts. K.T.

WOW!  I'm not sure where to start.  Surprised my husband with a trip to Tahiti for his 40th Birthday and it will forever be a trip to remember.  Lois' knowledge of the islands is irreplaceable.  We are pretty adventurous and wanted to see as much of the islands as possible, not knowing when/if we would ever have the opportunity to return.  Lois has special connections to the people of the islands and will bend over backwards to make sure you have the best experience possible (as she wants to share her love of her native land with everyone).  I would highly recommend planning your upcoming trip with her help and it will be one of the most unique, amazing experiences, especially designed for you. 

Keri & Steven