About Us

Our Background

Lois or Heipua (her Tahitian name, what the locals call her) was raised in Tahiti and surrounding islands.  She is passionate about cultural immersion, eco-tourism, supporting the local environment, and small family businesses in Tahiti. Partnering with locals provides a more authentic experience and an opportunity to truly  embrace the Polynesian culture. 

Our Services

Whether you're looking for a fully catered vacation with your loved one or an owner led adventure tour, we guarantee a trip of a lifetime!  Personal consulting to help you plan your vacation to Tahiti and surrounding islands.  2-3 times a year Lois and Sarah take groups of 20 or less on an Authentic Tahitian Adventure! For 7-14 days you'll be engrossed in the culture and lifestyle of French Polynesia. Everyday you will go on unique adventures and explore the beauty of Tahiti.  Your entire vacation will go back to the people of Tahiti, not tour companies run by large corporations in other countries! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our services, or even travel tips, get in touch! We hope you continue to book with us for many years to come. 

Meet the Team

Lois - Owner

Lois has been an ambassador for French Polynesia for more than 20 years. Having worked in International Affairs and Tourism her love of cultures is deep. She grew up in New Zealand and Tahiti and loves to introduce others to her culture.  Being fluent in several languages helps her to connect with locals and find the best deals in the industry.

Sarah - Adventure Tour Guide

Sarah has worked in the customer service industry for over 20 years. As owner of Desert Paddleboards and AZ Goat Yoga she creates entertaining experiences for all ages and demographics. After visiting Tahiti with Lois in 2018 she loved the culture and beauty of the islands  and wanted others to experience it! 

Mairenui - Tahitian Expert

Mairenui  has over 20 years experience in the tourism industry. She has lived in the remote Tuamotu islands and is always eager to share her culture with all people. She speaks several languages. She is a natural entertainer and will have you laughing a lot. In addition to Tahiti, she has lived in Europe, Asia and the USA.


Tahitian Granny

Tahitian Granny is known for climbing trees, opening coconuts with her machete, weaving palm fronds into amazing creations, and cooking up some of the best meals you'll eat in Tahiti & islands!  She was born and raised on the island of Raiatea by Tahitian Chinese parents and one of 12 children. Everyone who meets her loves her instantly. 

Ruben + Gislaine

This duo is a powerhouse!  They are incredible hosts, tour guides, and entertaining to boot!  You will laugh a lot and learn a lot from them. Ruben was raised on Raiatea and Tahiti. Gislaine is a native of the island of Maupiti. Ruben has worked in tourism for several decades, while managing a family pension on the island of Maupiti he met  Gislaine and they have been inseparable ever since!

Laman + Laetitia

To watch Laman harpoon a mahi mahi is jaw dropping. For the freshest fish on Tahiti look no further. This team will take you on 4x4 hiking adventures, deep sea fishing, shrimp hunting, boat rides and much more. They used to live on the island of Tahaa and Laetitia was raised on the atoll of Ahe. 

Utuafare Ariipeu

Hosts, tour guides, hikers, powerlifter, dancers, amazing cooks, and much more!  You will love this family from the town of Paea.


Have you ever wanted to spend a day and night on a deserted island or motu? This is your guy!  He will teach you how to build a fire, catch colorful lagoon fish by net, how to prepare local foods and much more! If you're lucky you'll even see sharks and stingrays this is an experience you won't want to miss!

Utuafare Mariteragi

Local hosts, tours guides,  and entertainers. This family will put on a show to remember. You will learn to Tahitian songs, how to shake it like a local, even see the impressive fire dance. They have worked in tourism for many years and several family members are professional dancers having performed at the annual Heiva.

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Travel Consultation

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Want to create your own custom tour? Includes free consultation. Additional service fee may be assessed for more customized itineraries.


Group Adventures

Tahitian Adventure May 2020- $2997.00 ($300 deposit)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

May 7 leave US need to arrive in Tahiti May 8th in the am
May 8-12 Maupiti
May 12-13 Bora
May 13-15 Tahiti
May 15 evening departure from Tahiti program ends or extend if you want to stay longer (at your own cost)

Included: All lodging, excursions, private Tour Guides, ecotourism, majority of meals, all boat/ shuttle transfers.

Not included - Airfare, extra meals, upgraded lodging, passport fees, spending money, travel insurance

May 8th arrival in Tahiti.  Island overview hike and traditional breakfast with locals.   Take overnight boat or  inter-island flight to the remote island of Maupiti.

Maupiti is a small coral atoll with a volcanic island in its midst. We’ll stay at a pension run by a local family. Our only transportation on this 10 mile island will be bikes.
Manta Rays Swim up each morning to greet you. We’ll fish & catch lobsters for dinner.  The relaxed vibe of this non-tourist island will engross you in the Polynesian lifestyle. We’ll hike Mount Teurafaatiu, enjoy the pristine views of nearby reefs & Bora-Bora. Because of the remote location in French Polynesia we’ll be able to snorkel or scuba in the beautiful, live coral reefs. All breakfasts & dinners included on Maupiti. Lunches on own. Evening of 8th- Traditional Tahitian Welcome, Tahitian temple, dinner & entertainment with local family.

May 9th- Morning hike or yoga. The nearby island (Motu) is within walking distance through shallow water. We’ll fish & catch our dinner for the evening. Learn traditional Tahitian cooking & enjoy our sunset dinner with rays & reef sharks swimming leisurely around us! 

May 10- Church, hiking island waterfalls or leisure day at beach. Bike tour around island.

May 11th- Scuba & snorkeling. Explore ancient petroglyphs, Crafts, ecotourism planting coral in reefs, kite surf, fishing. 

May 12th- Traditional island breakfast, pack up & take boat to Bora Bora. 4x4 off road quad tour exploring Bora Bora.
One night pension or upgraded lodging for additional cost (overwater bungalow ranges from $500-1000 a night) 

Wed- Snorkel, kayak, explore Bora Bora. Take flight to Tahiti.
Wed night- Activity with locals

Thursday- Waterfall hike (weather permitting), Visit Teahupo’o Wave (surfing optional), Tahitian Granny, Farewell show + dinner 

Friday- Walking tour of Papeete & souvenir shopping, World famous black sand beach, roulotte dinner , evening departure


Summer Youth Trip $2497 ($300 deposit)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Youth Adventure Retreat June 13th-24th, 2020

Purpose: Cultural Immersion, Humanitarian, Ecotourism 

Age: 14-18 (12-13 year olds accepted on a case by case basis)


$2497 *

* Price does NOT include: International airfare. Group air will be offered, a minimum of 10 tickets is required for a group contract. Passport fees. Spending money. Travel insurance.

Included: lodging, all meals, transfers, excursions, mentoring, & supervision.

Teens will have VERY limited access to technology on this trip. There will be free time to play games, exercise, read and help Tahitian Granny with meals.  

June 13th leave USA arrival in Tahiti June 14th am. Fly together out of LAX or SFO depending on best flight prices. There will be an adult chaperone(s) with each group. 

Day 1  -Land in Papeete – Traditional hei flower greeting. Meet your local mentors. 4x4 to Waterfall hike & traditional Tahitian Welcome with local family, island tour. Stay with Tahitian Granny.

Day 2- Surf or paddle board lessons in morning, snorkeling & kayaking. Teahupo’o Adventure Boat Excursion. Spend the night in treehouses or secluded island pension.

Day 3 Surf Camp in am, Beach clean-up- Plogging. Marae Tahitian Ancient Temple waterfall hike. Evening program learning traditional Tahitian crafts & dance with locals. Last night in treehouses or pension. 

Day 4 - Go to school with a local high school student, French immersion. Late afternoon take boat to Mo’orea. Ride bikes around the island. 

Day 5- Spend the day volunteering at Coral Gardens restoring the Reef & learning about reef restoration. Camp on beach or stay with local family. Activities with local teenagers. 

Day 6-Swim with sharks & stingrays then feast  on Motu (island).  Learn about legends, how to wear a sarong several ways, learn all about coconuts, how to make poisson cru, and more.

Day 7-9 Live like Robinson Crusoe on  deserted island Hitiaa.  You’ll fish for your food, build shelters, sleep in a hammock, survive without technology! Eco tourism- plant new coconut trees. 

Day 9- Back to Tahiti. Prepare baked goods to give to local school children. Volunteer at local elementary school. Outrigger canoe.

Day 10-French immersion- go to school with a local. Shrimp hunting with local family. Traditional ahima’a underground oven food prep and feast. 

Day 11. Visit temple, baptisms (current limited use recommend required) & walking tour of downtown. Papeete Marketplace experience and souvenir shopping. Farewell party with locals.